Bringing authentic antique jewellery back to life for you to wear as in Antiquity

Welcome to Antiquities Giftshop! We specialise in ancient antique jewellery and artefacts from the Roman, Medieval, Celtic, Saxon and Viking periods. We have an extensive range of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches, bangles and rings. Our ancient antique jewelry includes both valuable pieces of gold and silver and those set with gems, as well as more modest items made of bronze and copper. Some types of jewellery were functional as well as decorative, such as brooches designed to secure clothing.

Sample Pieces


Gold Silver and Bronze Rings from Roman, Medieval, Viking, Saxon, Celtic Periods.


Ancient Crosses, Votive, Gods and Goddesses in Gold, Silver or Bronze.


Annular and Penannular bracelets for all wrist sizes.


Roman Gold and Agate Necklace. Others available.


Gold or Silver Earrings with or without semi precious stones. All periods.

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Our jewellery comes from all over the world and we also ship worldwide. Be assured that the website is completely up to date so you can be confident that the piece you choose will be available to post immediately. Each piece comes in its own gift box and a certificate of authenticity and full money back, no hassle, guarantee. You can reserve an item of jewellery for up to 28 days with a small deposit. Please contact us.


Our jewellery and artefacts are replenished regularly so please feel free to keep checking back to see what is new on our site.

We are confident that you will discover hidden treasures and rare finds within our site and hopefully you will find the information and histories contained therein very interesting. The ancient jewellery collection on this site has been selected to appeal to the discerning customer and collector alike. We provide full and thorough descriptions of our ancient jewelry and research every piece to bring you as much information about it as possible. Each item has several images from differing angles so you can be certain of what you are buying and so you can be sure to choose the perfect object. By browsing through the ancient antique rings or our extensive collection of Roman, Medieval, Celtic, Saxon and Viking jewellery you will get a real sense of the history behind each piece.

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