Druid Pagan Celtic Bronze Solar Amulet Talisman Pendant with Stylised Sun and 9 Spiral Circle.  Powerful Amulet! 300-100 BC. The POWER of the Celts for you to wear today as in Celtic Times.  The piece has several cracks, reasonable for its age but it is still very sturdy and can be worn as a pendant with the addition of a chain or leather thong as it was 2,200 years ago.  Originally probably had a centre stone which is now missing but does not detract from its beauty.  Magnificent craftsmanship for the period.

The spiral pattern is one of the most common in nature, from snail shells to whirlpools to entire galaxies.It is also one of the oldest patterns created by humans, with evidence of rock carvings throughout the world, some dating back tens of thousands of years. So it is not surprising that it features prolifically in Celtic culture. Spiral copyright Ireland Calling In fact, the spiral is the oldest symbol in Celtic culture. In Celtic belief it is thought to represent the sun or the radiation of ethereal energy.

Diameter: 37 mm. Weight: 7.6 gr.

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Celtic Bronze Solar and 9 Spiral Circle Amulet

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